La Laguna School Project

The 40-some kids who live in La Laguna, a poor community outside of San Antonio de Padua, faced an hour-long trek up a hilly, rocky, nearly impassable road to get to the nearest school. Check out the progress on CARE’s school project in La Laguna!

Last year, CARE began fundraising to build a school for the kids in La Laguna. Construction started in November. We are making progress but still need your support to complete the project! Don Cristobal, the community member supervising the project , described the progress:

“Education for the kids in our community has been a big struggle. They used to have to walk to the school in San Antonio Padua, and for a long time we’ve been fighting to have a school for them here in our own community. For a while we tried to hold classes on the ground in open spaces in the community here, but we we were still lacking classrooms.
“As a community, we are so thankful that this project has begun. We can have our kids closer, in our own community, rather than sending them all the way town to San Antonio. It would take the kids nearly an hour to walk there. There are 23 families that live here in this community and about 40 kids who will attend this school when it is complete. Before we were asking for help from politicians, mayors, but no one had the funds to help us until [CARE] helped us begin the project.
“The work here so far has been a great success, we will soon have our own school building. The materials for the school are brought from Tegucigalpa to San Antonio and the members of the community of La Laguna carry the building materials up the road to La Laguna and are helping to build the school. The members of the community are making a sacrifice to help with this project too, everyone is helping and supporting this project. We still have a lot of work to do, but everyone in our community is ready to help.”

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