Food Project Benefits Local Schools

In January, CARE received a shipping container of vitamin-fortified rice-soy casserole from Kids Against Hunger, a US-based humanitarian food aid organization that aims to eradicate world hunger. Our team members in Honduras have been busy distributing the food packages to nearly 30 schools in Southern Honduras that face particularly high rates of malnutrition. With this container, we will be delivering shipments of food to these schools every few months to make sure every student has a balanced meal daily.

Typically, parents will either send a snack to school with students or the parents will take turns preparing a meal for the students at the school. This becomes especially difficult in areas where poverty is high and where families are dependent on agricultural-based work.

As the mayor of one collaborating town explained,

This time of year, we see a lot of kids struggling in school. The families in this community are very poor to start out with, but because we are in the dry season, many parents are out of work entirely. If the kids are lucky, they may have a tortilla to eat during the day, but that’s it. The rates of malnutrition are high, and many kids are anemic.

The dry food comes packaged with rice, soy, chicken flavoring, and vegetables and requires nothing more than a pot of boiling water to prepare. 15-20 minutes later, lunch is served! In all of our taste tests, the kids have loved the food, and the teachers and leaders of parent associations are getting creative with how they use the pre-made packages. Beneficiaries have been making soup, tamales, tacos, and much more!



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