Correr for CARE 5k run/walk

Title: Correr for CARE 5k run/walk
Location: Lancaster County Central Park, Lancaster, PA
Link out: Click here
Description: Our friends in Honduras have asked for our support in building a school in the community of Javier Soriano outside of Choluteca, Honduras. About 150 families living in the community, each living in a dwelling made of sticks, tarps, and cardboard. There are no community buildings in the area, including a school. More than 250 children live in the community, and to get to the nearest school, the children must cross the riverbed and walk an hour and a half to the closest school. This is a long, hot walk during the dry season, but the river crossing is impossible during the rainy season, during which time the children are unable to attend class. Help us raise the funds to build a school building in the community of Javier Soriano by donating today or registering to run “Correr for CARE” on October 11, 2014!
Date: 2014-04-16

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