C.A. Relief Honduran Staff and Board Condu

Child Receives Clothing from C.A. ReliefHonduran Doctors with Patients264 people waiting to see the Doctors
Make Shift One Day Pharmacy
Make Shift One Day Pharmacy

2 Responses to “C.A. Relief Honduran Staff and Board Condu”

  1. Edwin Marel Carbajal says:

    We visited this nice community (with bad road access) and had medical service to this people… theres not nurse at the area and not a health center either.

    The Mayor of the area introduce CARE to the people. CARE provided medecines and fluoride treatment to the kids and also meals for the staff…
    Great job God allow CARE staff in Honduras to achieve in this place where the need was huge.

  2. Shermaine says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful infmoration.

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